Q: What do I need to shoot?

  • A valid NYC rifle/shotgun permit
  • A shotgun (minimum 26 inch barrel with no pistol grip) that is legally registered in NYC
  • Target-load shotgun shells only - 2-3/4 inch, no greater than 3 dram or 1290 velocity, 7-1/2, 8 or 9 shot
  • Eye & ear protection (safety rated for shooting)

Q: Do you rent/loan guns?

No. You must bring your own shotgun.

Q: Do you sell ammunition?

No. You must bring your own ammunition.

Q: What can I shoot?

We are a Trapshooting club, therefore only Shotguns are permitted (no rifles/handguns).

Q: Do you offer lessons?

While we don't offer formal lessons, the range safety officer on duty does accompany all new shooters going out for the first time to brief them on safety protocols and the basics of shooting Trap. When checking in at the desk in the clubhouse, please let them know if you are a new shooter.

Q: Do I need to become a member to shoot?

The club is currently open to members only. However, you are welcome to come and shoot for your first visit. If you wish to continue shooting beyond that, you will be asked to join (please ask for a membership application at the desk in the clubhouse).

*Note: We will also recognize current members of any New Jersey trap club and permit them to use our facility on days that we are open to our members.

Q: What is the membership fee?

The fee for an annual membership is $200.

Q: What does it cost to shoot?

$5.50 per 25 targets (one round of Trap).

Q: When does the club open & close?

We are open (weather permitting) on Saturday's & Sunday's beginning at 9AM. Closing time depends on how many shooters we have that day. So, the earlier you arrive, the better. Feel free to call the club at 718-761-6274 before coming to confirm that we will still be open upon your arrival.

Q: Do I need to join the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) or National Rifle Association (NRA) to become a member?

No. While membership in the ATA & NRA is encouraged, it is not required to become a member.

Q: Do you host registered shoots?

Registered targets are available every Sunday as long as there are a minimum of three shooters registering, as per ATA rules. Any trophy shoots will be announced via our mailing list. Please note that ATA rules govern all shoots and club management reserves the right to modify all shoot programs.